I OFFER MEDIATION - EFFECTIVE, IMPARTIAL, HONEST, TRANSPARENT, CONFIDENTIAL and FAST, being for the conflicted parties an alternative for court proceedings.

I specialize in civil mediations and mediations related to conflicts deriving from contracts:

- in the field of insurance;
- consumer;
- in the field of constructions;
- on performing services by independent professionals - field experts, such us accountants, designers, real estate brokers, brokers in general and freelancers, ex.advisors, translators, journalists, IT specjalists, photographers, graphic designers, representatives of movies industry, etc. 


I hereby propose EXPRESS MEDIATION - specific form of mediation, where the key is conducting the entire procedure of mediating during only one meeting. Express Mediation has a limited target of coming to an agreement on one chosen problem, in time determined in advance. Such form of mediation is perfectly fit for commercial and employment mediations, mediations on consumer issues, as well as in case when the parties live far from one another and are willing to resolve the dispute during only one meeting

I mediate in the following cases:


- In disputes on property right (ex. on ownership, on perpetual usufruct, or on easement), including neighborhood disputes;
- In contractual disputes;
- In heritage related disputes.


In disputes related to a divorce – ex-, or present spouses (ex. in issues related to their children – how to agree on mutual relations of the Barents and how to shape the custody, to prevent the children form suffering the results of marriage breakdown; in residential cases; financial; alimonies; etc.).


Domestic and abroad, mostly due to non-performance or mis-performance of contracts, including those executed on-line, ex. via Internet (ex., when purchased product or rendered service does not meet the requirements, is defective, service not rendered, mis-rendered or rendered after deadline, when the party is late with payment).


When the conflict becomes violent, when it’s necessary to talk about the damage and harm, about suffering and emotions adjacent to the committed act. How would it be possible to make up for it, compensate, how to prevent violation in the future?


- personal
- financial
- image protection

2. I OFFER MEDIATIONto hold a meeting when:

- The number of issues or the level of complexity makes it really difficult to exchange ideas, information, or proposals without a reliable coordinator watching for keeping the balance among the participants of the meeting as well as making sure that the meeting follows the schedule and timeline;

- The level of emotions related  to the issue or to the participants decreases mutual trust of the parties, therefore direct communication is disturbed, and the level of emotions disables perception and makes it hard to come up with any decision.

3. I OFFER TRAINING, lectures and presentations in scope of alternative dispute solutions, including mediations and conflict itself.