Terms and Prices

Mediation is a lot less expensive then court proceedings and takes a lot less time too.

Court proceedings could even take years, and the hearings are set by the judge. In case of mediations the first contact between the parties usually takes place as soon as a couple of days after initiating mediation case by the court or by the party. The parties decide when they wish to have meetings. It’s even possible for them to have a few meetings a month, in hours comfortable for the parties and the mediator, and the case closes. In cases of lesser complexity such as some commercial cases, it’s even possible to come to an agreement on single mediation meeting, 1,5 hour long. Divorce adjacent cases would normally need 4-6 meetings.

This way, the party stops being uncertain about self being in the future in a really short time.

In each case, the party should analyze their situation (whenever possible, also with the help of professional legal or tax advisor, or other expert), in scope of chances for obtaining positive court decision and solving the dispute with mediation settlement. The party should consider not only the chance for direct profits deriving from positive dispute resolving, but also the costs and time of both procedure as well as other potential benefits or losses.

Mediation, being fast procedure of easy access provides possibility of:

  • Definite dispute resolution;
  • Keeping close relationships with the loved ones, relatives and vendors;
  • Keeping and sometimes even enhancing the fame, image, make of the company (with efficient conflict management), which directly relates to the increase of credibility of the company and gaining the trust of customers;
  • Keeping the market;
  • Preserving financial stability and sustainable development;
  • Keeping employees highly motivated;
  • Situation certainty and usual operation.

Detailed information on the remuneration for mediation is available in tab: „Mediation Rules”.