Personal Data Protection

1.      The procedure determines the rules of processing personal data by the mediator - Dagna Dzidowska as well as the rights of physical persons who they regard.

2.      Mediator – Dagna Dzidowska is an administrator of owned personal data.

3.      The procedure is applicable to processing data stored in manual archives as well as in IT systems.

4.      Personal data is any information related to identified or possible to identify physical person. Person possible to identify is a person, whose identity could be told indirectly or directly, especially by referring to personal identification number or one of a few specific factors determining their physical, physiological, mind, economic, culture or social characteristics.

5.      The collection of data is every personal data set having its structure, available according to certain criteria, regardless if the set is dispersed divided functionally.

6.      Processing data is any operation performed on personal data, such as: gathering, recording, storing, analyzing, amending, making available and deleting, especially those performed in IT systems.

7.      The mediator processes personal data for the purpose of conducting mediation, and for the purposes of archiving and statistics as well.

8.      Personal data are being processed exclusively for the purposes of their gathering and contain exclusively the data necessary for conducting mediation.

9.      Data processing for the purpose other than the one of gathering is allowed only if does not violate rights and freedom of the person who they regard.

10. The mediator ensures securing the collection of data being administered, from their unauthorized processing by implementing and exploiting adequate technical and organizational means, especially securing data from their unauthorized accessing by third parties, taking by unauthorized party, processing with the violation of the Act on Personal Data Protection and amending, loss, damaging or destroying.

11. The mediator keeps documentation describing the way of processing data and determining technical and organizational means stipulated in item 10 of the Procedure for Personal Data Processing.

12. Processing data is allowed, when the person who they regard agrees for it in written form as well as in any other case stipulated by law provisions. 

13. Personal data is gathered basing on information from mediation parties, their legal representatives, the court and other physical persons involved in mediation.

14. In the course of mediation, the mediator, with the use personal data, draws-up only the documents necessary for the mediation, ex.: letter of the mediator, notification on the date, mediation agreement, mediation report or protocol, draft mediation settlement.

15. Personal data is recorded in IT systems and stored in manual archives of an administrator, in the form of written print-outs of the documents.

16. Manual data collections are required to be stored in such way preventing unauthorized access, and to be secured from the loss and destroying.

17. The computer, where personal data are processed is required to be secured pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Personal Data Protection.

18. Physical person, whose data is stored in personal data collection at the mediator’s, has a right to:

a)     accessing the contents of their data and their amending;

b)     controlling the processing of data, related to them, contained in personal data collection at the mediator’s, including requesting updates, upgrades, correcting personal data, temporary or permanent ceasing the processing or deleting, if data is incomplete, obsolete, untruth or gathered with the violation of the Act on Personal Data Protection or else not anymore necessary for the purpose of gathering.

19. Personal data is stored in the form making it possible to identify people regarded by it, for not longer than necessary for the purpose of gathering.

20. For data processing are only allowed people having the authorization from data administrator.

21.  The mediator keeps the list of people authorized for processing, the list includes:

a)     first and last name of the person authorized,

b)     date of granting and expiring as well as the scope of authorization for personal data processing,

c)      identification, if the data is processed in IT systems.

22. People authorized for data processing are obligated to keep data a secret as well as the methods of securing confidential.

23. The procedure enters into force on May 25, 2018.