About Me

I am a law school graduate and a permanent mediator, entered into the list of mediators in County Court in Wrocław.

I’ve been conducting mediation procedures in:  civil, family, commercial and criminal proceedings since 2009. My area of expertise is also an Express Mediation which is a specific form of mediation. A lot of my mediations have ended with settlements of the parties.

Even though I conduct mediations in various cases, special place in my career is taken by family matters, especially when the conflict of adults has an impact on the children. I’m strongly convinced that in such cases for the sake of the children, the parties should consider each and every way and try to recognize any accessible support in order to come to a mutual settlement by setting base for future bond even when the relationship has broken up for good.

I’m the chairman of management board of the Association: Wrocławskie Centrum Mediacji (Wrocław Centre of Mediation) /

I also act thoroughly for promoting and developing amicable methods of resolving disputes (ADR), mostly mediations, as I look at them as modern, unconventional way of handling disputes by the parties, and moreover as new culture of conflict management within organizations. Resolving disputes by mediating in Corporations is, in my opinion, expression of long term approach to self social responsibility, especially when it comes to relations with consumers or customers, related to conflicts deriving from realization of contractual obligations.                                               

I’m the co-author of the book: „Sztuka skutecznego prowadzenia mediacji i negocjacji. Zagadnienia psychologiczne i komunikacyjne” (“The Art of Conducting Efficient Mediations and Negotiations. Psychological and Communication Aspects”.) edited by A. Binsztok. 

Additional professional training:
1. Training on express mediation
2. Emotions in mediation